The Y Chair

Y Chair Heino Schmitt Design

Designed for the freedom of movement!

The Y chair is a uniquely designed three legged dining chair with a surprisingly, very stable centre of gravity.

During dinner with friends around a small round table and too many chairs, I experienced my legs constantly competing with the intrusive usual chair legs as I sat, moved around (barely) and got up. I wondered if a chair could be made with the front leg being in the middle to ease access and movement around it. I worked on the design by drawing and building crude prototypes to find the perfect centre of gravity. Taking aesthetics, form and functionality into account, I discovered the equilibrium. And so, the Y chair was born.

The round seat and single leg in front are sleek, specifically designed for comfort and as a result, finally, the chair allows space for free movement. The floating back design visually improves the perception of space around a table.

Solid brass dowels were used to strengthen the mortise and tenon joints and to add high quality detail. The chair is made out of solid teak wood with a birch wood ply base for the upholstery. It has been recessed into the teak and screwed in from the bottom using threaded inserts and solid brass countersunk cap screws. High density foam and quality material complete the beautiful upholstery.